== Breaking news from ELEPHANT PLAZA ==

ELEPHANT PLAZA sadly announces that drummer Olav Rygg
is no longer a member of the band.

Olav performed absolutely superbly, playing the drums and also singing
great vocal harmonies on Elephant Plaza´s debut album MOMENTUM,
and Olav is truly a talented and skillfull drummer!

We wish Olav Rygg all the best in all his musical ventures and we are confident
that he will continue to deliver stunning drumwork, brilliant vocals and great music
on both recordings and on stage in the future.

Due to Olav´s departure, Elephant Plaza immediately will start searching for a new drummer for the band, and will prepare for auditions to be happening asap.

We are currently rehearsing and preparing the songs from ELEPHANT PLAZA´s album MOMENTUM for stage (+ some surprises), and we are really hungry to get out there and play gigs after long periods of studio work.

We are confident that we will find the right new drummer for the band in a short time and then we definitely will be coming to a venue near you and make some good noise !!!

See Ya All Soon !!!

== Stay tuned for more news from ELEPHANT PLAZA ==